I have a degree in Accountancy and I have been employed in that field for about 20 years (I love working with numbers). I also run my photography business on the side.
I live in Brisbane but caught the travel bug early and love nothing more than to travel the world and take gorgeous pictures along my journey. I also love attending rock concerts. All of these hobbies are expensive (I need cheaper hobbies! LOL) and with other financial pressures such as mortgage payments, bills and other expenses, this makes it difficult to continue to enjoy these things.
I was introduced to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency in November of 2017. Since then I have been taking the time to learn about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency and discovered mining bitcoin in April of 2018. I have witnessed the power that the mining operation can produce. The company I am mining with is transparent and verifiable on the blockchain (if they are not on the blockchain then its a ponzi). You can leverage the greatest financial asset in history.

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