People want to know who they are speaking to over the phone, via email or who they're about to meet for coffee and routinely google your name.

Projecting the best image of you online is critical in presenting as professional. There is a big difference between a professional headshot and a cropped in photo where you look nice. Here is an example of my first “headshot” (aka a cropped in photo where I thought I looked nice) and a professional photo. See the difference?

These days, there is simply no excuse for not having a professional headshot or business photo. The good news is, I specialise in headshots and personal branding for businesses based in Brisbane.

What is the difference between Headshots and Personal Branding?

These terms are often used interchangeably but there are subtle differences. The main difference is how “close-up” the image is and where it is to be used.


Quite literally is a “shot of one’s head”. They are usually cropped into a head and shoulders image which clearly shows your face so your clients will know who they will be doing business with. The images are styled with a simple solid colour backdrop and require less time and preparation. They are perfect for:
• Your business cards
• Email signature
• Social Media profile pictures (eg LinkedIN, Facebook, Twitter etc)
• Profile pictures on your CV
• Annual Reports

Personal Branding

You can have close-ups or facial shots, upper body shots, or environmental portraits. These images show more of you doing what you do and requires great attention to detail and includes more of your personality. They can have simple solid backdrop or be taken on location such as an office or outdoors depending on how you want to depict your brand in a natural environment. The options are limitless. They are perfect for:
• Websites (about me, behind the scenes etc)
• PR & Advertising
• Company Publications
• Articles & Newspapers
• Brochures/Flyers
• Trade Table Standees

To see samples of my work, please take a look at my Headshot/Personal Branding Gallery.

Sessions start at $250 for Headshots. Details of what you can expect during your photoshoot and your investment can be found on the Personal Branding Experience page.

Do you need images that stand out from the crowd with your own personal brand? What are you waiting for? Show the world who you really are. BOOK in your headshot or personal branding session today!

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