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Hi, I’m
Michelle Lehr

I am a professional photographer based in Brisbane with more than 25 years of experience in capturing the beauty of people, nature, and wildlife.

My Journey...

My journey in photography started when I bought my first “point and shoot” camera. A main passion of mine is attending concerts/gigs and my love of photography started there. I started taking this camera to concerts and fell in love with capturing the moods at a concert. From there I bought my first SLR (professional camera) and started taking it on holidays. I joined a local photography club and would attend organised group portrait photoshoots.

Born and raised in Brisbane, and travelling regularly to Coolangatta on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, I fell in love with the beach. When I first learnt photography, I would bring my camera down and capture the movement of the water, the beautiful clear colours of the ocean, reflections in the water on the sand, the stunning sunsets and the way the light danced on and over the waves. It was my parent’s gift of a cheap waterproof camera to play with that I could take into the water with me that opened up a whole new perspective from within and under the water.

I am entirely self-taught and learnt about photography with film cameras. In the pre-digital/Photoshop days, I had to perfect working with the only tool at my disposal, my camera. It still remains the essential skill in creating the best images possible, even today. In 2007, I bought my first digital SLR, a Canon 400D. I took this on a trip to Canada because I had estimated I would need at least 100 rolls of film for the trip (colour and black and white rolls) and it would be easier to carry memory cards. Since then I have also purchased a 60D and just recently a 5D which I had been eyeing off for years. I still own all my old cameras and can’t bear to part with them after all the joy and adventures they have brought me over the years. Until a few years ago, I used to regularly travel all around the world in pursuit of new adventures and unique encounters and look forward to resuming my travels and my journey in the very near future.

My Photography Business...

I photographed a few small weddings which I loved and wanted to become a wedding photographer. Due to a few ongoing health issues, I decided that I could not commit to wedding photography so instead I started to refine my skills in Portrait photography. In 2016 I started building my business and photographing portrait clients. I started attending networking events around Brisbane and found there was a need for Personal Branding and Headshots. So I evolved my business to include this. Most of my clients came in for Personal Branding photos. It was fun working with them to create their session for what their individual requirements were for their business needs. In came COVID in 2020 which halted my business. As my studio is in my home, I didn’t feel comfortable having clients in my home with the risk of them having Covid-19 so pretty much all photoshoots stopped.

Where Am I Now?

I spent five doing portrait and personal branding photography as a side business to my demanding day job (including downtimes due to Covid-19 closures). Due to this, I was at a point where I was considering giving up my photography dream. That was until I walked into a couple of fine art landscape galleries in Kuranda in Cairns, QLD and then a few in Byron Bay in NSW 12 months later that inspired me to focus on building a gallery of landscape images. My passion is, and always was, around nature and wildlife. I have so many images from holidays and just generally exploring that just sit printed in my cupboard or digitally in my computer that the world has never seen. I started to look into my collection and set up an area on my website to sell fine art prints. For now my work is only available online but one day I would love to have my own gallery with my own images. I have tested a multitude of labs, papers, and mediums before deciding to utilize the print products I do. My prints are all created using gallery quality presentation mediums in a choice of sizes and formats.

What Does The Future Hold?

I recently purchased a DJI Mini 2 drone which I love as much as any of my other cameras. So now I can capture images on land, in the sea and in the air! It interesting to explore other angles and views than just standing on the ground can produce. I love to learn new techniques and enhance old skills including post processing and editing skills in Photoshop and I also have a keen interest in video.

My goal is to create images that reflect what I see and I can help others see how awesome the natural world is too, and maybe I can inspire them to visit some of these places. For places like the Great Barrier Reef, I hope to help raise awareness of Australia’s amazing natural resources and the need to protect them.

My nature and landscape photography will bring vibrant colour and energy or calm relaxing moods into any home or office and may even let you reminisce about a time you visited the same or a similar location, time of day, reason or season. Whether you are looking for Brisbane Landscape Photos, Gold Coast Beach photography, spring, summer, winter or autumn pictures, fine art prints to match specific colours, rainforests, mountains, lakes, wildlife or unique imagery from around the world, you will love the final print.

Thank you for visiting my website, and I hope you enjoy my portfolio of images as much as I enjoyed capturing them. Please explore my website to learn more about my services, and feel free to contact me with any questions or to schedule a photography session.

Photography Services

Portraits – This is an opportunity for you and maybe even your closest friends or family to receive some pampering and celebrity treatment. What would it be like for you to get her hair and makeup professionally done? To get dressed up for the day in your favourite outfits and have some portraits taken like in a Vanity Fair magazine?

Couples – Would you like to have a wonderful hour with the person you love, reminiscing why you love them and creating whole new memories? Then, when you look at the photographs at home you will remember the heart-warming interactions you shared during your session and relive the Beloved experience all over again.

Boudoir – Do you want some styled lingerie or implied nude photos for our own collection or to gift to your loved one?

You can do any combination of these sessions during your photoshoot or something entirely different. Eg, do a vanity fair styled shoot but bring a change of outfit to capture some corporate headshots.

I’d love to invite you take a moment to view my current collection of photographs, all of which are available for purchase as wall art prints. They are perfect for wall décor or as framed, canvas, metal or acrylic artwork for homes and offices. I can ship them all over Australia. For international shipping please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your individual requirement.

My fine art landscape photography collection contains images of:
• landscapes/seascapesmountains to oceans
sunrises and sunsets in a variety of locations
wildlife such as bears, raccoons, tigers, gorillas, zebra and many more
• beautiful and colourful flowers and trees
• images that represent all seasons including snow for winter, autumn/fall colours, beach scenes for summer and floral displays for spring
• various locations around the world showcasing Australian landscape photography, American landscape photography and Canadian landscape photography.

I also have some images that have been made into inspirational cards. These are available on my store.

If there are any style of images or locations you are specifically looking for that aren’t shown here, please inquire with me and I will see if there is anything that matches your request.

Headshots – Quite literally is a “shot of one’s head”. They are usually cropped into a head and shoulders image which clearly shows your face so your clients will know who they will be doing business with.

Personal Branding – These images show more of you doing what you do and requires great attention to detail and includes more of your personality.

You can have close-ups or facial shots, upper body shots, or environmental portraits.

Specialising in Brisbane corporate event photography coverage and other events of all sizes such as:

Networking/Meetup Events

Product Launches


Exhibitions & Trade Shows


Industry Panels

Team-building Events

Gala Dinners

Awards Dinners

Breakfasts, Luncheons & Other Functions

Fundraising Events

Celebrations, Special Occasions & Parties