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How do YOU dream of being photographed?

The decision is yours. We will meet for a pre-shoot consultation where we will design your photoshoot. Here are some ideas...

Vanity Fair/Magazine Styled

This is an opportunity for you and maybe even your closest friends or family to receive some pampering and celebrity treatment. What would it be like for you to get her hair and makeup professionally done? To get dressed up for the day in your favourite outfits and have some portraits taken like in a Vanity Fair magazine?

You can be as casual or as glamorous as you choose. With the chance to wear several different outfits, you can aim for a variety of styles. This can include dresses, favourite jeans, a lovely blouse, or even lingerie.

You can share this experience with your best friends and make it a girls day out. Share it with your sister and give the photos to your Mum. Or better yet, invite Mum along and have a generations photo. Those images are priceless to your family.

What is your favourite activity you love to do?

Whatever brings you joy, I can capture it. I always love these photoshoots as it allows me to capture the genuine joy and passion for your interest. Your family can learn more about you or remember how much you loved doing that activity. This is especially good for High School Seniors photoshoots as it captures them at this stage of their life.

Playing your favourite sport?

Playing an instrument?

Reading a book under a tree?

Driving your car or motorbike?


Playing with your cat, dog or other pet?

Beloved Couples

Would you like to have a wonderful hour with the person you love, reminiscing why you love them and creating whole new memories? Then, when you look at the photographs at home you will remember the heart-warming interactions you shared during your session and relive the Beloved experience all over again.

You can expect to experience:

Lots of laughter

A deep affection for your loved one

Memories you didn't realise you had

Fresh discoveries about your loved one, no matter how long you've been together

A lasting feeling of appreciation for the time you shared together

These sessions are perfect for engagement portrait sessions and natural anniversary photography experiences or just sharing some beautiful moments with your loved one. It is ideal for couples who value their relationship and appreciate those intangible things in life.


Headshots/Personal Branding

People want to know who they are speaking to over the phone, via email or who they’re about to meet for coffee and routinely google your name.

Close ups or Facial Shots (aka Headshots)

Upper body shots (great for About Me/Website photos or marketing materials)

Environmental Portraits (based on location rather than in Studio)

For more information on Headshot/Personal branding sessions, click HERE.

You can do any combination of these sessions during your photoshoot or something entirely different. Eg, do a vanity fair styled shoot but bring a change of outfit to capture some corporate headshots. There is no extra charge if they are all captured during the same photoshoot. The decision is yours.

Sessions start at $530 for portraits and include:

the design appointment

professional hair and makeup styling

the photoshoot

viewing session

1 printed and matted photo

Details of what you can expect during your photoshoot can be found on the Portraits Experience page.