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The Headshots & Personal Branding Experience

These are the four steps to receiving a range of relatable brand photos for you to use in your business when you book in a headshots or personal branding photoshoot with me.

The first step – How do you want to be photographed?

Your experience begins with getting in touch to chat about what you are looking for, who is going to be photographed (if more than 1 person), and where you will use your images? What style of photos do you need for each medium (eg. Social Media vs Website vs Brochures etc)?

For Headshot sessions, this can be done over the phone. Choose one of three looks. Clean (on a white background), Modern (on grey) or Impactful (on black). Take into consideration where you will be using your photo (e.g. If you website has a white background, then a white background would look better than black in your profile photo.

Based on what you decide, I will advise you what you need to do to prepare for your shoot and what to bring along on the day. Your photos are captured in my studio, using a choice of background colours.

If you are looking for a personal branding session, we will get together to design your shoot where we will discuss wardrobe, and guide you through the process. Your photos are captured in my studio, using a choice of background colours.Photos on location are also available at an additional charge of $150.

You will need to allow 30-45 mins for this catch-up. Usually we will meet in person, but zoom/skype on-line chats are also available if required.

Not sure what style of session you need? Click HERE to see the difference.

The second step - The Photo Session

Photo sessions are available on Weekends from 10am until last sessions at 4pm. Sessions are by appointment only. Other days may be available on request.

The sitting takes 20mins for Headshots and includes 1 outfit and backdrop.

For a personal branding session it will take 1–2 hours and can include up to 3 outfits and/or backdrops to create different looks. I will spend time creating an array of photos based on what we discussed in the first step. I will take the time to create a series of photos that creates a consistent look and feel that suits your brand depending on your requirements.

Professional hairstyling and makeup is available for $150. Allow an hour for this.

Photoshoots on location (ie not in my studio) are available for an additional $150.

The third step – Viewing/Ordering

After your photo session is complete, we will take a look at the photos you would like to choose. This will be the first time to see and the time to order your photos. We will go through and select the ones you love.

We can then work through these photos and determine the ones that best suit your brand and where you require to use them (eg a landscape format image will be better for website banner where a portrait format would be better for profile photos). Once you have your final selection, you will order your photos.

The fourth step - Finished Photos

All the images you order will be expertly colour-corrected, cropped and retouched by hand to ensure you look your very best. These will be provided to you via Dropbox or Google Drive.

Low Resolution (for use online and social media etc) and High Resolution (for use in printed materials such as flyers etc) will be provided. They will also be provided in Black and White.

For personal branding packages, a range of different size cropping (eg square, rectangle for banners etc) will also be included.